Memory in the Garden

Since Memorial Weekend is fast approaching; I thought I would share my thoughts about creating Memory Gardens at home to give a personal place for peace and reflection. This past winter I finished writing a book that I started last year, ” A Fragrant Memory”.  The book is based on my personal story with grief and how my healing came from certain plant based aromas .  Like most of you, I have certain scents, colors, etc.  that I associate with each of my loved ones. In my case most of these are flowers, herbs, bushes or trees.

When I am working with aromatherapy and scents for clients, I always consider the aromas that each individual prefers and enjoys. When I’m gardening I have this same olfactory association with plants and people. For example: My Mom reminds me of Pink and Yellow Roses,  Dad reminds me of Red Rosa Damascena Roses and Cedarwood Trees,  Grandma Weaver is a potpourri of Lily of the Valley, Lilacs, and Moss Rose plants, Aunt Juney loved the aroma of spicy Carnations, Cousin Debby adored Pink Roses,  Claire Dauer treasured the elegance and candy like aroma of Irises, Kathy Clevidence adored brilliant Sunflowers in all their hues, Mom Genny enjoyed brilliant Red Tulips and water blue Hydrangeas, and Noel Shoemaker loved Rosemary! Our list of plants is as endless as those we love and want to remember!

Creating a Memory Garden has been a work in progress for me since moving to my home in 1985. I transplanted some of my Grandma’s Lilacs and Lily of the Valley but most of my plants are starts from friends or purchased at garden centers with my best friend Cindy on one of our Garden Days!!  Creating these small spaces for quiet contemplation to remember my loved ones has always been a true pleasure. These plants represent our love and admiration for those we love but who are physically  no longer with us. If you decide to create a memory garden of your own, I believe you will find it encourages healing, brings peace, comfort, and inspiration.

There are no rules to what is appropriate, use your heart and intuition to guide you. So many things can be done even in small spaces….  a window box, planter bench, or a special section of your yard set aside for reflection. These grace filled spaces can be adorned with statuary, plaques, chimes, water features, bird feeders or whatever brings you joy. The only suggestions I have is to find a place with moderate sunshine and an available water source to keep your plants healthy.

If you are interested in getting a copy of my book, ” A Fragrant Memory” to help you or a friend find healing in nature just email me at Until next time may your garden and home be filled with grace and moments of quiet contemplation.

Be Well~ Be Peace~ Be Love



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