Unleash Your Joy in the Garden

We can smell it in the air, we can feel it in our bones……..the season of gardening is fast

approaching!! Spring has arrived and we have seeds, tools and garden designs in hand.

This year, my garden goals are to increase butterfly and hummingbird traffic to my garden!

I started a large patch of milkweed last year and am hoping it has survived our volatile winter.

The plants that I am looking to add include fennel, caraway (it attracts black swallowtails),

dill, mustard seed, catmint, bee balm, cosmos, butterfly bush and zinnias. I have many returning

perennials but the above are some new ones that will add color and aroma.

I think it will be great fun to add these new savory spice plants that serve as both nectar plants and

host plants. To put it simply… I will be seeking more joy from my garden this year! I always

enjoy the garden’s bounty but I have never done much with color or setting goals for my favorite


This year I plan to unleash my joy in the garden. Nature’s garden creatures are always part of my joy

and so watching butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and birds gather in my

space will be pure joy!! It all starts with desire, some elbow grease and dedication to making your

dreams come true.

I am already dreaming in color and have added some of my favorite floral essential oils to my

diffuser at bedtime just to help sustain this vision as I drift off to sleep.  I hope you will join me

in anticipation of planting time. Start preparing your own garden wish list and thinking about

what plants might bring joy to you this season. Everyday is a blessing and Spring encourages

us to trust our instincts and leap fearlessly into the garden!

Be blessed~ Be love~ Be Peace




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