Ageing and Sageing in the Garden

We all grow older and as we do it requires some adaptation in many of the activities we love. I try to accept these physical changes and minor limitations with grace and humor. My gardening style has definitely evolved!  As they say, “the only constant in life is change”.  I started gardening as a child with my family and each year has brought me new rewards and reflections. As you can tell from my blog, gardening and plants are a big part of my life. I have adapted my gardening to be more flexible with my physical limitations.  Here is a list of some of the things I have done to keep it fun and still reflect my favorite things.

1.)  Limit the use of annuals and add 2-3 new perennials each year. 2.) Plant less in ground and use more pots. I have fun planting bushes, trees, vegetables, herbs and unexpected plants in a variety of colorful containers. This relieves alot of back strain and is easier to maintain. 3.) Learning that less is more focusing more on creativity than volume. I enjoy trying to create visual focal points in the garden. 4.) Use fun accessories and garden décor such as fountains, lighting, meaningful statuary, arbors, and benches to comfortably sit and enjoy your garden!

For most of us gardening is a lifelong hobby and passion. As I approach 65 it amazes me how much my garden has taught me about life and health. I respect the wisdom of plants and they never cease to amaze and delight me. If you follow me on Facebook at Sara Holmes or Botanical Healing Arts you might have seen where a mentor and fellow gardener gifted me a Copper Aromatic Still!  I am currently working on learning how to use this beautiful piece of art and science so that I can make my own hydrosols and continue my lifelong learning adventure.

I hope you too are having a creative and wonderful Summer in the garden! Enjoy it for all its blessings…… and remember it is also the perfect place for peace and respite.

Be Blessed, Be Love, Be Peace



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