The Blessing of Hands

The human body is amazing! I believe our most amazing gifts comes from our hands. Hands express and convey the messages our hearts yearn to.

Hands can be gentle, compassionate, tough, loving, healing, comforting, skilled, strong, and peaceful. As a massage therapist and holistic practitioner; I have witnessed them participating in therapeutic and healing touch I never dreamed I had. Therapeutic Touch is such a personal way to bring healing to body, mind and spirit.

My husband and I have always been interested with the many facets of Hands. We often take family photos , as you see above, of poignant moments in our families journey.

When our children were younger we had plaster molds made of each one of our hands. These are treasured art pieces that hold a special place in our hearts and home.

I encourage you to look at the beauty of the hands around you. Every pair of hands tells a story. They tell the intimate stories that many times our voices can’t speak.

Be Well~Be Love~Be Peace