Life is fragile, handle with care!

I have always been the kind of Mother that leaves out all of her collectibles and meaningful objects that little hands like to pick up and examine. My children and grandchildren are used to this, but sometimes do not understand why I insist on leaving these items out! The reason that I refuse to put items away is simple… it’s better to learn at an early age to treat all things living and material with respect. Once you learn the hard way that all things are fragile, especially people; you treat everything differently.

This can be a difficult lesson to teach and learn. There is intrinsic value in teaching these values while children are young.  If we learn at an early age to be gentle with material objects it becomes a habit we carry throughout our lives. If  instead we put these precious collections away, then they will never fully experience the responsibility of caring for them.  I prefer to think that after the occasional mishap and tears that come from damaging something or hurting someone’s feelings that we are capable of learning to be more gentle. Often a lesson hard learned is a lesson remembered.

Gentleness is a great and important life lesson. All of the people in our lives deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, as do their belongings.  Learning to respect cherished mementoes such as photographs, collectibles and other items is often the first lesson in learning respect for others and their property. However, as important as I believe this lesson is; I have never placed an objects worth over the value of the person who damaged it.  When we are raised to respect all things….living and material we do no harm intentionally. Being able to remain calm and kind during adversity is also a  blessing that blossoms.

It is with great sadness that I have noticed recently that many young people are not being raised to respect themselves, their peers, their elders or others personal property. I am not sure we can blame all of this on computers, cell phones or other inanimate objects. I believe it is our responsibility to teach our children, grandchildren and all children that life is fragile and to handle with care! As family and neighbors we are responsible for creating an environment of kindness, gentleness, respect and love. These are the lessons that last a lifetime.

As we move into Autumn and begin to gather inside more, it’s a good time to reinforce these positive behaviors and share the importance of our values. It has been such a blessing and joy to watch my children, grandchildren, nieces and friends enjoy our home and share our space. Living in a big old house filled with people you love is a gift I am grateful for everyday…..well, maybe not cleaning day!

May you and yours Be Blessed~Be Kind~ Be Love