Grateful for Light

Winter weather this year has been a mixed bag and therefore we have had more dark days than sunshine. Today we are blessed with sunshine! As a gardener and as a human I am grateful for the light!

Although I bemoan the limited sunshine we have had this season, I would be a fool to not celebrate the extraordinary moonlight this winter. I see all light as a blessing as nothing can grow without it.

All plant seeds, seeds of change and seeds of goodwill are strengthened and grow from the light. Each of us humans also grow from the light of others and can become bearers of light rather than harbingers of darkness.

Metaphorically and metaphysically we can share light or spread darkness wherever we go. It is a choice we make every minute of everyday. I have known many people who have been keepers of the light from birth through death. The glow of their light is never truly extinguished. It remains with us and within us.

Darkness has its purpose in nature. It is the time for cellular rejuvenation, rest and accumulating the necessary energy required for growth and rebirth. However, it is the warmth and glow of the light that ignites all of that energy into positive affirmation and action.

Let us seek the light and grow. May we share our spiritual and earthly bounty with others in an effort to make the most of each and every day. As winter carries on, keep the home fires burning and your flame aglow.

Be the light💛💛


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