” Gardening is a way that we show we believe in tomorrow.” unknown author. I have always believed in the unseen potential of everything! As a child and now as an adult, I continue to believe in Santa, Angels, Miracles and all the good that exists in the world. Many people say that it is naïve to think that way, but for me there is no other way. As I age and life gets tougher I have wondered is my faith strong enough? My answer comes in the quiet moments of the dawn….believe, believe, believe!

Gardeners are some of the most positive and inspirational people you will ever meet. Most of my best friends are gardeners. The reason we garden is we believe that when we plant a seed, nurture it, and trust nature to do its thing; that the result will be a beautiful plant. We are not naïve…we know it’s not magic. We realize that we must prepare the soil, place the plant in a proper environment, water, etc. but in doing so…we also believe that the outcome will be positive.

Believing in our dreams and aspirations is what being optimistic and positive is about. Henry Ford said, ” if you believe you can you will” and I believe that. Just like plants each of us is a seed. We make a choice each day to nurture our seed or abandon it. When we put our heart and soul into our dreams; our dreams are realized. Does this mean life will be perfect?  No, life will never be perfect. There will always be storms and problems that arise. The secret is in how we choose to handle our challenges.

During the holidays we often see the words BELIEVE on cards and mugs but I encourage you to take a minute to think about the real meaning of the word. Believing is a way of life! Believing is trusting in something bigger than ourselves. It is following our gut instinct and letting our heart lead the way. As adults we often tend to overthink everything. Children are happy because they trust things will work out. I hope to be a believer forever regardless of my age and I hope you will too! Open yourself to the possibilities of what dreams may come… if only we believe!

Be Healthy~ Be Blessed and Believe

Merry Christmas, Sara

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