Feathering Our Nest


As I approach Autumn, I always find myself looking inward. I start with gratitude meditations in September….remembering the quick pace of summer activities and family travels. Then in October, I find myself bringing the treasured symbols of warmth, love, light, family and friendship into my inner space and home. I am feathering my nest for fall/winter!

My internal clock seems to know that winter is approaching and that it is time. The first thing on my agenda is always the light. The light and shadows change dramatically as Autumn nears and I start feeling ‘light deprived’.  I start placing small lamps in dark corners, hanging twinkling lights on mantles and adding lights to jars, vases or any clear glass vessel. I place beeswax or soy candles in every room and get the fireplace and hearth ready for action!

I am grateful for this nesting instinct. It gives me the opportunity to add more ‘cozy’ to my home with extra pillows, throws, photographic memories, displays of special mementos from summer, stacks of books, and placing my favorite teapot and cups in the center of the table ready for my  treasured teatime!  In all things there is a season… and this season is meant for reflection, coddling and cozying!

I anticipate the first time I will get to wear my favorite sweatshirt and soft wool socks as I ramble around my big house reading a book and sipping my tea. It is a time that I  look forward to and even  as much as I enjoy gardening…..I am ready to put my garden to bed. Trimming back the perennials and getting the last transplants in the ground is cathartic. I will miss fresh produce tremendously but even that just changes……we go from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes to abundant squash, pumpkins, and potatoes. The thought of my first bowl of butternut squash and sage soup has me drooling as I write.

So however and whatever you like to do to indulge yourself in the amazing splendors of autumn, please do it with all your heart!!  As always, I wish that you may……..

Be well~ be blessed~ be peace.





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