To Everything There Is a Season

As the garden goes, so goes life. Every living thing has a season or a cycle……’a time to be born’ ( our granddaughter Quinn’s first birthday this week),’ a time to heal’ ( our daughter Erica recovering from a surgery and healing from stage IV cancer), and ‘a time to break down’ ( my mother’s ambulance trip to the hospital this week and subsequent move into a skilled nursing facility for care). I’m sure most people can relate to something similar in their own life’s journey. Oddly these situations continually remind me of the garden. To have the soul of a gardener you must respect the many seasons and cycles of life.  In the garden my goal is always to nurture and lovingly tend my plants making efforts to bring them back to good health. However, with people we don’t always get that opportunity.

Gardening since childhood; I am no stranger to the cycles of planting, growth, nurturing, weeding, dormancy and putting the garden to bed. Reflecting on this, I know for sure these same cycles have a much more profound effect when dealing with our loved ones.  I love my plants…. but there is no comparison when contemplating the suffering of a plant compared to that of a loved one. The people in our lives are simply irreplaceable! There are many plants I have tended for years that have inspired genuine feelings of joy, sadness or other emotions and yet if they contract a disease and my best efforts fail them; I can accept it and move on.

Not so with people, I find it impossible to separate myself from the situations at hand. Regardless of what I am doing at work, home or traveling; family and friends remain my first priority! Last Saturday I was blessed to teach a class on Energy Work with Essential Oils. The groups conversation often turned to how all of us find our own energy depleted and need  ‘a time to build up’ and restore our own physical, mental and spiritual health before we can offer ourselves to another’s needs  whether person or plant.

In many ways I am glad for this change of seasons! Autumn and winter will offer some respite time to sit quietly with a cup of tea and a good book. It is difficult but important to nurture ourselves when we feel the need. Good and bad stress each effect us the same physically….we can be tired, irritable, have trouble sleeping, suffer headaches, digestive upsets and so much more. Once we are aware of these symptoms, it is important for us to act!  Sometimes I feel like taking care of myself is selfish and a luxury, however; I also realize that we can not give our love and best efforts to the people and plants we love if our own energy is depleted.

So I encourage you to take stock of your own situation during this time of seasonal transition and see what things need tending in your own garden of health. ‘To everything there is a season’, so take this opportunity to nurture and care for yourself so that the next time your care and attention are needed elsewhere you will be up to the challenge.

May we grace each day with thanks and let love renew our spirit!  Blessings and thanks~ Sara

* Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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