The Dragonfly and Finding Peace in The Garden

Sitting in a garden mesmerized by the  graceful and elegant moves of dragonflies is nature’s meditation at its finest! Once out of the larvae stage, dragonflies only  live a few weeks to a month.  This makes them spiritual symbols of ” living in the moment “. These beautiful creatures remind us of life’s many transformations and changes prompting us to pause in reflection.

Even though the dragonfly has inhabited the earth for almost 300 million years their delicate, iridescent and lacey wings remind me of a rare fine art collection. However, their beauty is only surpassed by their skilled acrobatics as they hover like a helicopter and fly backwards like the hummingbird. It is no wonder that ancient civilizations found this creature symbolic of life’s spiritual journey.

Meditation reminds me of the dragonfly and the struggle to cultivate a practice of fully living in the present. So often we are thinking either about our past or worrying about our future. Learning to live and ‘be’ in the moment is beneficial to body, mind and spirit as healing is facilitated by a balanced life. Recently, I held a retreat focused on the lessons of the dragonfly and shared a guided imagery that I invite you to use and share during your quiet time in the garden.

We always begin by taking a few deep breaths and sitting in a comfortable position. If sitting it helps to keep your spine straight and your feet flat on the ground.  You may also pick a nice grassy area and lie down or sit in Lotus position. Now lets close our eyes and for a few moments visualize the dragonfly as it skims the surface of the water…symbolic of our surface thoughts. Next I would like you to visualize the dragonfly’s beautiful and delicate wings in full color and resplendent detail!  At this time, transition to reflection on how the dragonfly’s wings are symbolic of life’s delicate balance. Now going deeper, visualize the dragonfly at birth surrounded by this amazing beautiful blue watery depth from which it was born. This journey will help us to connect with our subconscious. Again, focus on the breath …..easy in and easy out….no struggle letting your thoughts float like clouds in and out of consciousness. Once you feel relaxed and at peace you may want to continue your reflection or just enjoy the moment.

Our gardens support our desire to live life to the fullest. I am thankful how each day the garden reminds us of the importance of life’s simple blessings. It is with deep awareness and immense gratitude that we have the opportunity to ‘awaken’ ourselves to new possibilities found in each moment.


I hope you will enjoy this Dragonfly Reflection by Carol Cavalaris; ” Dragonfly spirit of healing energies and prosperity, symbol of peace and harmony. Your iridescent wings catch the slightest breeze. Telling us to be aware of subtle changes. Helping us to see the meaning of our deepest thoughts. Showing us how to let our dreams come to the surface and to let our true colors and inner light shine….as we dance upon the wind.”

May you follow grace, walk in beauty and live in peace


One thought on “The Dragonfly and Finding Peace in The Garden

  1. Thank you for this blog Sara! You are an incredibly gifted writer and I enjoy you “taking me there” with your words! Transforming, awakening, relaxing and appreciated!

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