Sixty Shades of Green

Gray may be the big color at the box office but it pales to the Sixty Shades of Green found in nature. Every shade of green in nature has its own energetic vibration bringing peace and balance to our lives. Evergreen, Lime green, Chartreuse, Emerald green, Sage green, and a multitude of other shades are found abundantly in all things in nature from mossy stones to the leaves of the tallest trees. In all of its shades, green is nature’s color!

In color therapy the color green is used to bring peace and calm to a space. Green is described as refreshing, renewing, calming, verdant, healthy, a sign of growth, balance, harmony and peace. Research shows that this color is soothing to body, mind and spirit. Surrounding ourselves with the color green can actually lower our blood pressure, slow our respirations and bring peace to our mind. ( source: patient/healing-environment)

In Ayurvedic medicine and Chakra theory, green represents the color of the heart chakra. It resonates peace and good health. The color green encourages stress reduction, improves health and increases longevity. A specific report on the healing powers of nature done in 1984; focused on patients recovering from gall bladder surgery. I recently read this article in the July 2015 issue of Mindful. The patients were randomly assigned rooms either with a view of  a green park like setting or a brick wall. “Those with a view of the park like setting recovered faster and needed fewer pain killers.”

When I am stressed or just not feeling well, my solace is often found in the verdant green of nature. I am at peace in fields, forests, grassy lawns, or on a porch surrounded with plants. The consistent and calming colors of nature connect me to all that is right and beautiful in this world. If we each make an effort to take our friends and family outside for chats, meals, walks and other daily activities we will all reap the rewards.

Mary Jo Kreitzer, Ph.D  R.N. and Terri Zborowsky R.N., Ph.D at the University of Minnesota, wrote in the March 2008 issue of Minnesota Medicine, ” A number of studies have presented strong evidence that even 3 to 5 minutes of contact with nature can significantly decrease stress, reduce anger and fear and increase pleasant feelings”


So lets get outside and get our green today!

May the Peace of Green and Grace be Yours Today and Always, Sara

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