The Power of Water


The power of water has been abundantly clear these past few months.  Lake Sara has flooded over its boundaries twice in June and flooding in many areas near me and other family throughout the Summer. While we have experienced record amounts of rain here, the beautiful state of California is in a horrible drought situation. In June our family visited this state and saw what devastation and concern this drought is causing local homeowners, gardeners and farmers. It is truly a situation of feast or famine! Those in need cannot seem to get a drop and those of us with excess are unable to share our bounty. And so it goes with Mother Nature. We do not know what establishes such patterns, but man has never been able to successfully direct her forces.

In my own garden, where we have plenty of water; I am trying to conserve by planting most new plants in pots so that I water with a watering can and not a sprinkler or garden hose which can lead to overuse of this precious resource. I am also planting more drought tolerant plants, perennials that tend to be hardier and trying to be more thoughtful about my water use in general. I believe water and water rights will become a huge issue in years to come. I am doing my research and seeing where more and more millionaires and billionaires are investing in water rights. Rights that we all once thought were a natural public resource. I hope you see this as an opportunity to look at your own responsible water use, regardless of where you live. For what may be abundant now, could be scarce tomorrow.

As gardeners, we know that nothing grows without this precious resource. Plants, animals or people cannot survive without water. As humans, we find ourselves drawn to water…ponds, fountains, lakes, rivers, creeks and of course Mother Ocean. “Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water.” W.H. Auden. It is impossible to even consider life without water! The human body is made up of 60-70% water. All life is truly one with water! It is soft, fluid, and comforting yet can wash away the earth and cut through stone. Just thinking about waters many blessings gives me chills! Leonardo da Vinci said, ” Water is the driving force of all nature” and so as grateful gardeners we must cherish and use it wisely! Love, enjoy and respect water in all of its natural spaces. Water is God’s grace in liquid form filling us with love and health.

May waters life force bring your gardens to glory!   May We Be Like Water – Every Drop A Blessing, Sara

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