Mimi’s Scented Garden

IMG_7499One of my favorite things is to take children to visit sensory and aromatic gardens! Of course, I enjoy these gardens too and so it is a win/win! In my own garden, I have always planted a large number of aromatic plants and plants that have unique shapes, textures, and make beautiful sounds. It has been my pleasure to make sure my children and my grandchildren have always been surrounded by plants, gardens and the wonderful items you can make using various plant materials.

Several years ago, when my grandchildren were young, I wrote a small book for them titled, Mimi’s Scented Garden. It was a labor of love chronicaling our time spent in the garden. Over the years we have made room sprays, travel pillows, dried flower and seed cookies, craft items, and some delicious culinary treats. As they have grown into pre-teen and teenagers their interest in the garden has waned. Now they are much more interested in electronic items and going to visit friends.

My hope is that once they become adults they will reflect on this special time we had together!  I hope that as they mature, they will decide to bring scented geraniums, beautiful lemongrass, textured lamb’s ear and many of the other amazing treasures they loved into their own gardens. Gardening can be a healthy lifelong passion that connects us to the earth, people and nature. It brings us joy and peace! My parents and grandparents shared the virtues of gardening with me and I am so glad that I became reacquainted with them once I had a home of my own. It has been one of life’s greatest blessings!

It is never to early to start bringing your little ones into the fresh air, sunshine and dirt or to get acquainted with the plants.  Children need to know that our lives are completely dependent on plants for air, food, and sustenance. It makes me sad to think that many children think that food, medicine and flowers come from the store. Today, I feel doubly blessed that I now have a 6 month old granddaughter to share this passion for plants.  Her parents have already had her in their garden as they planted tomatoes and nothing could make me happier!!

Remember, time is fleeting so share your love of gardening with a child today and plant a lifetime of memories…

Many blessings, Sara

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