Enter The Garden Gate

“Pause friend and read before you enter here. This vine-clad wall encloses holy ground. Herein a mellowed garden dreams away the years, steeped in serene, sweet light and muted sound.” Pearl Hiatt

I love garden gates and walled gardens. These artistic beauties entice and seduce us to enter the garden. The garden gate serves as the guardian to these sacred and healing spaces. Many of us seek and find peace in the garden. I once read where it is ‘Soul to Soil’ and I thought that was the perfect description of the gardening experience. We not only garden to feed our families we garden to feed our souls!

As a gardener approaches the ever enticing garden gate; the heart begins to flutter as we imagine what delights may lie beyond it’s borders. Our minds whirl with visions of blue hydrangeas, purple iris, blooming dogwoods, lily ponds, abundant shade trees and green grassy pasture!  Appropriately, each of us has our own vision of what defines the perfect garden spot. For me, that place is Brookgreen Gardens in Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina.

I was introduced to Brookgreen Gardens when my family moved to a small town in South Carolina around 1988. It is a garden I visited to refresh my weary spirit and revitalize my troubled heart. This had not been an easy move and this garden oasis was truly my salvation! My husband and children were kind enough to indulge my love for this ‘heaven on earth’ and took me whenever they could. Four years ago our children blessed us with a trip to South Carolina in celebration of our 40th Anniversary. My loving husband knew my passion for Brookgreen Gardens and so he gallantly whisked me off for a full day to visit my beautiful, comfortingly familiar garden spot. Like an old friend she caressed me with her branches and welcomed me home.

This visit was long overdue… and my memories of it still bring tears to my eyes. To me, this is truly one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots on earth. It nourishes my soul and brings joy to every cell in my body!! The ultimate garden of my dreams beyond the garden gate.

May you each find a garden gate that leads you to a peaceful place. Together in spirit we will continue to share our garden journey and passion for grace, beauty and all things green.

Tread softly and leave love behind



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