Love and Lavender

My intention was to just write one blog a week. Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10th; I am dedicating this additional writing to my Mom. Lavender has been known as the herb of devotion for over 2,500 years. Lavender is also known as an excellent herb for cleaning, beauty, calming the spirit and just pure enjoyment! It was always my Grandmother’s favorite aroma and to prove it; she used every Lavender product that the Yardley Company ever made! My Mom is now 84 years old and loves Lavender’s comforting scent.  She especially enjoys the essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)  Lavender in lotions and creams to soothe her fragile skin.

Lavender has many wonderful attributes, but the greatest of these is its long association with devotion. Let’s face it…no one is more devoted to us than our Mother! As I look back on my relationship with my Mom I recall her many acts of love and devotion to my sister and I. One incident in particular stands out in my memory. In the 1960s Mom’s shoe of choice was a pair of black Keds sneakers. Mom wore these Keds everyday! She had worn them so much that she wore holes in the sides where her pinky toe stuck out! One day we were in the Matinee Department Store and I asked her if we could get her some new shoes? Regardless of how I pleaded, Mom insisted that her shoes were comfortable and just fine. Mom’s focus was on getting us something. I don’t remember much about that day but I do remember that warm feeling that my Mom loved us more than she did herself. She was willing to deny her needs so that she could buy us something. A Lavender kind of love!

I know that most of you probably have stories of your own Mother’s love and devotion. As a gentle reminder, take a moment to let your Mother know how very much she means to you and how you appreciate all she has sacrificed and devoted to you through the years.  If your loved one is in heaven, take time to pay special tribute to her in prayer and pay her love forward to someone else in need. Mother’s day can be a difficult day for those who have lost their Mother, lost their child or someone who has been unable to have a child of their own. May we find time to nurture all of those special women in our lives who have loved and nurtured us.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Surround yourself with the sweet fragrance of love and devotion as you grow in peace and walk in love.

One thought on “Love and Lavender

  1. Nice blog Really enjoyed reading this tribute to Mom and Lavender; and yes I have Yardley soap in my shower. Grandma is smiling. Love You.

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